A note about the Coronavirus

We all are taking care to manage our lives to protect our families, but life still goes on. If you need a cake for a special occasion, I am in the process of sanitizing my home. Your cake would be made in my home by me and ready for pick-up or delivery with no other contact.  

My objective to make yjoyfull times safer.

About Me

Introducing Patty's Cakes of Vero Beach

At Patty's Cakes of Vero Beach we design your special occasion cake together. 

Then I take your ideas and desires and create a one-of-a- kind design that is uniquely yours.

About the Name "Patty's Cakes"

When I was about 10 years old I would take orders from neighbors and bake cream puffs in my mother's kitchen and deliver the pastries.

After a lot of messy kitchens and missing ingredients my mother decided that I could purchase my own ingredients and clean the kitchen.

Mom always called (with pride) my creations "Patty's Cakes".  So in honor of my mother, who taught me so much more than how to bake, Patty's Cakes of Vero Beach was introduced in 2016. 

I work hard to maintain the excellence that  my mother would have expected. Your cake will have a truly homemade taste with a designer's twist!

The choice is Yours!

Elegant  Almond Cake is everyone’s favorite. It's a moist almond flavor and delicate almond buttercream or Swiss buttercream frosting  is perfect for wedding cakes and sure to please crowds of any size. This cake can also be made with amaretto for a more mature crowd.   

NEW: Almond Fresh Raspberry: if you like my almond cake you owe to yourself to try this! *

Midnight Chocolate Cake is a chocolate lovers dream! This decadent deep moist GLUTEN FREE chocolate cake is lighter than air. Cover each light layer with rich  whipped cream and frost with a light chocolate buttercream or chocolate ganache. This cake is often requested whether gluten free is needed or not. I've even made custom wedding cake with this recipe! * 

Very  Very  Vanilla Cake is not any old boring vanilla recipe. This celebratory cake is over the top pure Mexican vanilla with yummy vanilla buttercream or Swiss buttercream frosting. Definitely for the purist and/or for wedding cake that everyone will enjoy.

Red Velvet Cake is like a rock star- people swoon over it. Shocking red with a hint of chocolate this cake seems all flash. What warrants such attention? Is it the moist cake or the cream cheese frosting? You be the judge! *

Pecan Carrot Cake is now one of my favorites. Before I found this recipe, I wasn’t a fan of carrot cake. I practically had to bribe my 89-year-old neighbor for this recipe. It’s moist, pecan nutty and delicious!+

Lemon Blossom Cake: is a delicious creamy cake that has just the right amount of fresh lemon flavor plus the lightness of a chiffon cake. I usually make it with lots of layers filled with lemon flavored frosting often “Naked” on the side or can be frosted It’s fresh, light and creamy. This cake also make a unique wedding cake that all will enjoy.

Damn Good Chocolate Cake is utterly decadent served and it is also versatile. It makes wonderful cupcakes as well and an elegant birthday cake. The sour cream and chocolate chips make it moist and it can be topped with vanilla, chocolate frosting or ganache. It can be filled with cherries, whipped cream or more frosting. Whatever, this cake is always ready for a party!  

Fresh Strawberry filled Vanilla Cake hardly describes this wonderful cake. I bake a traditional moist vanilla cake and cover each layer (while warm) with a homemade strawberry syrup Then while the cake is chilling I add a few tablespoons of crushed fresh strawberries to the butter cream frosting. To assemble I frost each layer then add a layer of fresh sliced strawberries scrape the sides for the “naked” cake look and decorate. Yum! This is also a popular wedding cake!

Crazy for Coconut Cake is the coconut lovers dream! It start with six layers of coconut flavored cake; then each layer is topped with coconut custard,whipped cream filling. Then it is topped with a buttercream or  Swiss whipped cream frosting and covered with sweetened flaked coconut. It's creamy and delicious!

Rum, Rum & more Rum Cake is simple. If you like rum and you like cake you have it “made in the shade” with this cake. This moist yellow cake is brushed with a Jamaican rum syrup as soon as it comes from the oven. Then several times as it cools. It is then refrigerated so that the rum does not settle on the bottom of each layer. The buttercream frosting is flavored with rum extract. Oh My!*

NEW: Two new gluten free cakes!

* Extra charge due to ingredients

Rolled  Custom Cakes (serving) 12-14

Glutton free Chocolate Cake Roll is filled with whipped cream and covered with ganache then decorated for a traditional “Buche Noel”. When decorated, this can be the ultimate Christmas cake.

Pumpkin Cake Roll: a is light chiffon pumpkin cake filled cream cheese frosting rolled and cover with pecans. A wonderful addition to Thanksgiving dinner. 

A Note about:

Chocolate Ganache is a French masterpiece. It’s easy to make with heavy whipping cream and chocolate and a little flavoring. It’s the quality of the chocolate and the pure extract and/or alcohol flavoring the makes the difference.



How to build a Patty Cake

Let's Design a cake! Call Me. Email Me.

EMAIL: pattyscakes415@comcast.net OR CALL: 772-643-7061


  • You can go over your desires on the phone.
  • You can send or look at suggested pictures by email or phone to come to agreement on a design.
  • Your cake can be picked up or delivered for a small fee within the Vero Beach and Surrounding areas.
  • For wedding or complex cakes we can sit down and create your cake together.
  • I take cash and local checks with a deposit. 


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